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Ants Are Cool, But We Don’t Want Them Marching Around Our Kitchen Counters

Ants are insects that can do amazing things. Many consider it as spectacular critters. They clean the environment as decomposers by feeding on organic waste, insects or other dead animals and they can keep local insect populations under control. Ants help aerate the soil as well as distribute pollen and seeds. But why is it that ant pest control is such a thing?

Most of the time, ants find their way into our homes. Ants aren’t just an annoying presence inside our houses, they also cause structural damage to your house as well as spread unwanted bacteria and fungi. While indoors, ants become accomplished pests. They bring diseases with them as they search for food and water and begin to shelter themselves into your home. Their domestication begets an effective ant pest control system.

A Vigilant Man Beats A Busy Ant

It’s important to stop the ants in their tracks as they search for food and water. Check all entry points like doors, windows and even areas you may overlook like under porches, small openings in the baseboards, or flower beds underneath dryer vents. The warm air can keep a colony active long after other bugs have died from exposure and also provides an entry point to your house. Tired of seeing ants in home trailing through windows and countertop? Give us a call and we will take care of your ant pest control issue, leaving your home ant free.

Will Ants Ever Rule the World?

In fact, ants have already conquered the world (except Antarctica). They are one of the most successful travellers on the planet. Ants are highly organized social insects that exhibit similar behavior to honey bees and termite colonies. They form a three caste system consisting of a queen, drones (their only purpose is to fertilize queens), and workers. 

The workers are the biggest problem and the most likely suspect. Within the workers exist a few different roles, such as nurse (takes care of larval ants) and scouts that look for new sources of food/water. If you see one ant and there isn’t a line behind them, it’s likely a scout. Killing these minimizes the risk of ants looking for food in your home and provides an easy ant control method.

Why Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control is the Kryptonite for Ants? 

Organic ant removal methods, such as peppermint oil, have limited success since the oils wear off within a few days and replacing them can be a hassle. Most of the over the counter ant control products can actually make the problem worse. They tend to kill on contact but repel the rest of the colony away, causing new problems on other sides of the house. 

Instead, it is safer to hire professionals to eliminate the ants. We use professional products that do not repel the ants, in fact, they are happy to carry it with them back to the colony where it is destroyed. Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control focuses on ant pest control and removal of ants. Carpenter ants, in particular, are notorious for destroying antique wood. When an infestation occurs, Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control can help with removing these destructive ants. We’re an all-in-one company striving to provide the best pest control and prevention service in town.

We provide services for ant pest control over Northwest Indiana in Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties. Also, we offer our services for Valparaiso, Portage, Crown Point, Hebron, Michigan City, Laporte, Dyer, Gary, Hammond, East Chicago, Schererville, St. John, Cedar Lake, and East Chicago.

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Walks the Talk

You’ve heard what our grateful customers say and we highly appreciate it. And Illiana Pest Control is committed to walk the talk. Here’s some of our featured testimonials:

The worker Keith, was very personal and polite. Kept me informed of what was going on. Did an excellent job.

Great professional service! I had some unique challenges with my home but with Bob’s experience and quick thinking the problem was taken care of with no issues at all. Very fair prices as well. I highly recommend Illiana to anyone needing pest control services! – Wesley DeHoyos

He came out whenever I called him; quick turnaround; very helpful. – Bill B. 

5 stars don’t do them justice! Such wonderful, professional, excellent service. Everything is explained thoroughly. You know you’re in very good hands and dealing with experts. I highly recommend, do not hesitate to call! – Janet Lynn

Expert Ant Pest Control in Northwest Indiana

By giving us a quick short call, Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Services will provide you peace of mind and security that your ant pest issues will be taken cared for. We have the proper experience to easily identify where ants at home are likely to hide. Our ant pest control system is always at par with Northwest Indiana pest control standards. 

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