Bat Bugs

The most common species of bats range in color from tan to dark brown and sizes vary from 2”-7” long. They have a diet ranging from fruit to insects and can eat up to ⅓ of their body weight in one night. Nocturnal in nature, removing bats is more about preventative measures since bats are protected by wildlife laws in most states and since their active period is during the night, their initial detection can be somewhat difficult.

Bat Prevention/Control

Bats, while friendly to the environment, pose some health risks to humans. Their droppings can grow a type of fungus harmful to human lungs. While fencing off and preventing general access to your property is advised, decontamination of an area once inhabited by bats is better left to professionals with access to safer methods of disposal. A small percentage of bats can also carry rabies, although they may not exhibit signs, such as aggressive behavior or frothing at the mouth. You should contact your doctor if you have had physical contact with a bat.

Bat prevention means preventing access to your property. While cutting down on the amount of insects may help, these animals are used to looking elsewhere to feed and just need a place to rest. This includes attics, belfries, or spaces of any size above your house. It can be as simple as putting up wire, or as complex as completely redoing your siding. Prevention is the key as a more serious invasion requires professionals due to the wildlife laws and toxicity of their fecal matter. We are experts in dealing with bats of all kinds.

Bats can hide behind shutters or pieces of siding that are falling off. They will also seek abandoned buildings such as barns, so boarding up any structure on your property is a good idea. Remember that bat prevention is the goal, so taking the time to inspect potential bat hiding places benefits you in the long run. If you observe the buildings right before dusk, you should see a slowly-moving column of bats exiting. That is a sure sign you have an infestation, apart from the droppings.

Bat Elimination

Eliminating bats from your property is a toxic and time-consuming job. The government restrictions surrounding them as a species make it difficult to catch and transport them without the proper equipment. At Illiana Wildlife Services, we place you and your home or business first. We know local laws surrounding wildlife and specialize in property restoration after an invasion. We have the best equipment and people for the job. Call us from 7am-7pm if you suspect a bat threat in your home, or even in your neighborhood. We’ll come out and inspect your property and let you know of any problem areas.