Bed bugs. Merrillville IN.

Bed bugs. Found from one of our serviced client in Merrillville IN.

Those Aren’t Mosquito Bites! They’re Sneaky Little Bed Bugs!

You might already have a pesky bed bug infestation at your home and not know it yet. This is because bed bugs are sneaky little pests. These bugs are small, flat insects with an oval shape similar in size to an apple seed. They hide behind baseboard spaces, your bed’s crevices, folded areas and cracks, bedding and adjacent furniture inside the bedroom, most especially those mattresses and box springs. Being small and good at hiding makes these bed bugs one of the most successful indoor pests in modern households. You might want to consider a bed bugs exterminator service for your home.

Bed Bugs Are Worse Than Vampires

Bed bugs are dark brown and feed on blood. Yes, you heard it right blood. But unlike vampires, you won’t catch them biting you in the act. Bites occur on areas of skin exposed during sleep and are not limited to a particular area of the body. They numb your skin with an anesthetic before they sink their fangs into you. The bites themselves are red and itchy like mosquito bites and because bed bugs thrive on blood, they are not prone to dirty environments, leading many people to believe they have mosquito bites rather than bed bug infestation.

Bed bug droppings

Bed bug droppings. They appear as tiny spots that consists of digested blood.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are pests they doesn’t really have a good prevention plan for. A general quarterly pest control treatment would not cover bed bugs. What you need would be a specialized treatment. 

Another challenging thing about bed bugs is how they infest. While most bugs transport themselves by various means (termites underground: subterranean, flying insects, crawling etc.), bed bugs are always transported by a host. They don’t fly, crawl fast, or travel far. They are carried through suitcases or on a person that they infested when staying in a hotel room. You may even brought them home when you found that great deal on a couch at the thrift store. 

When handling bed bugs, first you need to figure out which rooms are being infested. Typically, you find them in the bedrooms. You don’t necessarily need to throw out your furniture to get rid of an invasion. Bed bugs like to hide in the seams of furniture, such as mattresses or sofa cushions during the day. Check for little black bumps along the seams of your mattress or couch. They also like to hide in vents and crawl on the walls. This is why bug bombs can be ineffective, especially in apartment complexes since the vents are connected and the bed bugs can hide in your neighbor’s vents until the poison has cleared. 

Bed bug castings

Bed bug castings. Bed bugs molt as they grow, shedding their skin five times before reaching maturity. A blood meal is needed between each successive molt.

If you live in or near Northwest Indiana, chances are you’ll get around 3 to 4 bed bugs pest control service providers that offer regular and traditional pest control treatments and services. This is why it is important to hire professionals like Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control to eliminate bed bugs. We specialize in individualized treatments, which means we customize a pest control system specific to you and your unique situation.

Key Points to Consider in Bed Bugs Pest Control and Removal

Check out important considerations on getting services for bed bug control and removal: 

  1. The long lifespan of bed bugs means bed bugs pest control can be difficult and bed bug prevention even harder. 
  2. Most chemicals and bug bombs will need extended days to completely clear out from the air in your home, so alternative housing will be necessary while they are being used. The bugs can also hide in wall outlets where the products might not necessarily reach. 
  3. Over the counter home-care extermination products can be difficult to determine whether the product is safe for certain fabrics and furniture. 
  4. Over the counter products rarely work with bed bugs. Heat treatments work but are more expensive than chemicals. 
  5. The most effective and safe method of bed bug removal is to contact professionals. 
Bed bugs on furniture crevices

Bed bugs on furniture crevices. Most OTC products are no match for bed bugs.

Experts like Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control can maximize the effect of a bed bug pest control treatment by locating the infestation source. They also determine the cause of your bed bug problem, find the specific source and completely eliminate it to prevent future infestations.

Our Grassroots Commercial: Customer Testimonials

Here’s what our grateful customers have to say with our services:

“Great professional service! I had some unique challenges with my home but with Bob’s experience and quick thinking the problem was taken care of with no issues at all. Very fair prices as well. I highly recommend Illiana to anyone needing pest control services!” – Wesley DeHoyos

“Thank you so much for your fast efficient work! We can sleep tonight!” – Brian Hacker 

“5 stars don’t do them justice! Such wonderful, professional, excellent service. Everything is explained thoroughly. You know you’re in very good hands and dealing with experts. I highly recommend, do not hesitate to call!” – Janet Lynn

Looking for a Reliable Bed Bugs Pest Control in Northwest Indiana?

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Services gives you the peace of mind that your bed bugs will be taken care of, so give us a call. We specialize in repairing damage caused by pests, which means we have a great knowledge of where pests like to hide, even if the insects in question don’t cause damage. Our pest control system is at par with Northwest Indiana pest control standards. Call our hotlines to get the most reliable and convenient bed bug exterminator in Northwest Indiana!


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