Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, flat insects with an oval shape similar in size to an apple seed. They are dark brown and feed on blood. Bites occur on areas of skin exposed during sleep and are not limited to a particular area of the body. The bites themselves are red and itchy like mosquito bites and because bed bugs live on blood, they are not prone to dirty environments, leading many people to believe they have mosquito bites rather than an infestation of bed bugs.

When handling bed bugs, first you need to figure out which rooms are being infested. Typically you find them in the bedrooms. You don’t necessarily need to throw out your furniture to get rid of an invasion. Bed bugs like to hide in the seams of furniture, such as mattresses or sofa cushions during the day. Check for little black bumps along the seams of your mattress or couch. They also like to hide in vents and crawl on the walls. This is why bug bombs can be ineffective, especially in apartment complexes since the vents are connected and the bed bugs can hide in your neighbor’s vents until the poison has cleared. This is why it is important to hire professionals like Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control to eliminate bed bugs. We specialize in individualized treatments, meaning that we customize a plan specific to you and your situation.

Bed Bug Control and Removal

The long lifespan of bed bugs (they can go a year between feedings) means bed bug control can be difficult and bed bug prevention even harder. When using home-care extermination products, it can be difficult to determine whether the product is safe for certain fabrics and furniture. Make sure to check the tags on your mattresses and furniture to make sure it’s compatible with the chemicals you are using. Most chemicals and bug bombs will need 3-7 days to completely clear out from the air in your home, so alternative housing will be necessary while they are being used. The bugs can also hide in wall outlets where the products might not necessarily reach. The most effective, and safe, method of bed bug removal is to contact professionals.

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control

Illiana Wildlife Services gives you the peace of mind that your bed bugs will be taken care of, so give us a call. We specialize in repairing damage caused by pests, which means we have a great knowledge of where pests like to hide, even if the insects in question don’t cause damage.