Bees/WaspsBees And Wasps Pest Control: World’s Most Vicious Stingers

People react differently to bees and wasps attack. These range from wild, uncontrolled arm swatting to hysterical body movements and contortions. When you see this flying bug out of the corner of your eye and hearing that long consistent buzz, you immediately start to panic. Most of us won’t care if its a wasp, hornet or bee, we just don’t want to get painfully stung by them. That’s why we need bees and wasps pest control.


Wasp or Bee? What’s the Fluff All About?

There are many species of bees and wasps that vary in size, color, and behavior. And we can simply tell the difference between bees and wasps by looking at it. Bees are fuzzy or fluffy and round, whereas wasps are thinner and smooth. 

Bees are more active during the morning and early evening while wasps are most active during the day. Their diets also vary with bees living mostly off nectar and honey while wasps eat insects and spiders. 

Bees and Wasps are Totally “Nectar” But They Still Do Sting 

While both species help the environment, having stinging insects on your property is less than ideal. If you have multiple nests and hives, then it might be good to consider a bee and wasp removal expert to get rid of them all at once. Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control has you covered, so give us a call today!

Where Do Bees Hive?

When looking for a place to build their hive, bees typically choose dark and protected areas such as wall voids, chimneys, and occasionally inside attics. Any area with access to the outside is at risk for a bee infestation and with our expertise, you won’t be disappointed in our service. Some species like to fly inside places like baseboards, electrical outlets, and cracks in walls, especially in the spring when they’re looking for a new place to build a hive.

The Wasp Stings!

Wasps can live alone or in colonies. The colonies can number in the thousands while solitary wasps tend to abandon their young. Wasps can be predatory or parasitic, which changes how they nest. Predatory wasps are more likely to nest and parasitic wasps lay a single egg in the body of an insect and abandon it. People are more likely to have paper wasps around their yards, which build nests of chewed wood fibers and nest in trees, dense bushes, under eaves, or anywhere that offers shelter.

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control for Bees and Wasps

Bee and wasp removal is simple, yet effective; destroy the nests. This can prove a challenge to some as wasps nest high on a house and are difficult to get to. When a nest is destroyed, a stray wasp or bee might return to rebuild if the pheromones (bee/wasp smell) is still around. 

Spraying chemicals on your own is risky, especially when climbing a ladder, and adequate care must be taken to avoid inhaling or ingesting the toxins. Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control has experience in treating wasps and bees. Give us a call and we will come out and create a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Our Customer’s Featured Testimonies

These testimonies were submitted by customers we have worked on. Their true stories are a part of our collection of featured testimonies that we treasure. Here’s some:

“5 stars don’t do them justice! Such wonderful, professional, excellent service. Everything is explained thoroughly. You know you’re in very good hands and dealing with experts. I highly recommend, do not hesitate to call!” – Janet Lynn

“Great professional service! I had some unique challenges with my home but with Bob’s experience and quick thinking the problem was taken care of with no issues at all. Very fair prices as well. I highly recommend Illiana to anyone needing pest control services!” – Wesley DeHoyos

“Thank you so much for your fast efficient work! We can sleep tonight!” – Brian Hacker 

The Illiana Way To Make Bees And Wasps Away 

With Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Services, rest assured that your bees and wasps pest control needs will be taken care of, so give us a call. We also offer repairs for damages caused by bees and wasps or other flying pests such as mosquitoes. This also means that we have better knowledge of where these pests are likely to brood or hide. Rest assured that our pest control system is at par with Northwest Indiana pest control standards. Call our Indiana hotlines to get the most reliable and convenient bees and wasps pest control service in Northwest Indiana!


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