Bird Control

Whether it’s constant squawking or you’re just looking to get the droppings off your car, sidewalk, and house, birds can be a pest. Before putting out poison, (or the cat) there’s a few things you should know.

Knowing what species you have a problem with should be the first step in your plan of attack. The most common pest species are pigeons, seagulls, starlings, and house sparrows. All are known for their loud chirping and large flocks. Their droppings tend to erode buildings, particularly stone, and the paint off of cars. They can be territorial and, consequently, aggressive towards you and your family, or those who frequent your business.

When a bird settles into an area, they look for an adequate source of food (insects, seeds, garbage), a place to build their nest and available water. Signs of intrusion include blocked pipes (from nests or associated debris), noticeable high-concentration areas of droppings, nonstop bird noises, feathers on your property and, for commercial properties, damaged packaging from birds investigating.

Bird Prevention/Control

While wildlife protection laws prevent you from killing the birds or potentially disturbing their nests, you can protect your property from an unsavory influx. Keeping garbage in closed bins cuts down on the availability of food. Ensure your family or customers know not to feed the birds or leave food out for them. Nets and wires strung over roosting areas can prevent birds from resting on the ledges of your building or nesting in your eaves. There are also bird cages you can bait, although these must be checked several times a day to prevent unintended stress caused by lack of food or water.

Illiana Wildlife Services deal with pests safely and humanely. Our focus on pests, as well as property, sets us above other pest control and wildlife companies. We know local laws concerning wildlife and specialize in the restoration of damages caused by pests. This means we have an intimate knowledge of bird control and, more importantly, how to prevent birds from coming back by limiting their access to favorable spots around your home or business.

Our hours are 7am-7pm, convenient for those with busy schedules. Give us a call and let us know how Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control can help you eliminate your pests.