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The Plague of the Infamous Flea

Got fleas? These hopping pests are responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague! They’re scary little pests that needs a proper flea pest control. But before we have an extermination rundown, let’s review some basic facts about these flightless parasites.

Fleas are small, dark-colored insects that survive off of hosts, usually animals, and can transmit diseases. Fleas go through several stages of development, needing adequate cover and food supplies to do so. Their bites look similar to a mosquito bite but will remain on the skin up to several weeks.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Fleas Pest Control And Prevention

Adult fleas will spend most, if not all, of their lives on their host, so delousing your pet is a priority when first considering how to get rid of an infestation. The fleas lay their eggs on or around your pet, so sleeping and common areas must be treated as well. The cocoon, or pupae, stage is unaffected by pesticides, so dealing with a flea invasion can take several weeks while waiting for them to emerge and become exposed to the products. 

No matter the severity of your flea infestation, we make sure that we customize our services to your needs. Eliminating every flea on your property is our number one priority.

Controlling an outbreak starts with preventive care in the form of oral or topical treatments for your pet. These treatments are quick (working within hours of application/ingestion) and effective, targeting adult fleas, and work up to 24 hours after the first dose. By keeping your pet current with his/her doses, the likelihood that fleas will overrun your home or business is drastically reduced.

Flea Removal Is Tedious, You’ll Need Pros

Fleas are difficult to remove because, as stated above, their many stages make it difficult to catch them all at once. Products that work on the adults will not work on the earlier stages and different species in different areas may be resistant to the products. We have taken the time to become experts in flea control, learning which products and treatment methods are most effective.

Completely removing fleas is labor-intensive and time-consuming as they require several applications over the course of 2-4 weeks, frequent vacuuming in between to stimulate eggs and cocoons to hatch, and keeping people/pets out of the area until the product is dry. For these reasons, people often turn to a professional pest control service that takes the guesswork out of flea control and removal.

Let Fleas Flee Away With Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control is the expert at eliminating your flea infestation. We specialize in specialized treatments that will eliminate fleas. Since fleas have different stages, our technicians can help identify the locations of flea eggs and flea pupae and provide a detailed flea control plan personalized for you and your home.

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These testimonies were submitted by customers we have worked on. Their true stories are a part of our collection of featured testimonies that we treasure. With the good service we have provided, they have considered us their lifelong friends. Here’s some testimonials:

“5 stars don’t do them justice! Such wonderful, professional, excellent service. Everything is explained thoroughly. You know you’re in very good hands and dealing with experts. I highly recommend, do not hesitate to call!” – Janet Lynn

“Great professional service! I had some unique challenges with my home but with Bob’s experience and quick thinking the problem was taken care of with no issues at all. Very fair prices as well. I highly recommend Illiana to anyone needing pest control services!” – Wesley DeHoyos

“Thank you so much for your fast efficient work! We can sleep tonight!” – Brian Hacker 

Top Fleas Pest Control Service in Northwest Indiana 

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Services guarantees to address your flea pest control needs as soon as you give us a call. We also offer repairs for damage caused by fleas. With our extended knowledge in repairs due to pest damage, we have good advantage of knowing where pests are likely to hide. 

What’s great is that our pest control system is always at par with Northwest Indiana pest control standards. Available in locations such as Valparaiso, Portage, Crown Point, Hebron, Michigan City, Laporte, Dyer, Gary, Hammond, East Chicago, Schererville, St. John, Cedar Lake, and East Chicago. Call our hotlines now to get the most reliable and experienced flea pest control service in Northwest Indiana!


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