Flies Pest Control

Flies Can Be As Icky As They Can Be

The most common flies in your home are house flies and fruit flies. They are non-biting, but still transmit diseases through contact with exposed food. They will also lay eggs (they look like grains of rice) on exposed food, which hatch into maggots. For this reason, one should start a good fly pest control immediately.

Flies spread disease through their feeding habits, which involve regurgitation of the contents of their stomach onto potential food, which partially digests it. This allows the fly to suck up the food through it’s tube-like mouth, or proboscis. The fly carries bacteria in its gut, which is then transferred to the food. The bacteria can be anything from salmonella to tuberculosis or even malaria.

While a few flies are normal, and even expected, an infestation is never welcome. They find their way into your house through open doors, windows, or even holes in the screens of windows. They are attracted by ambient temperatures and odors of food.

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Fly Prevention

  1. Sanitation is a must when working with pests, especially flies. Since their breeding sites center on rotting garbage or pet waste, cleaning and sanitizing those areas is essential. Make sure your garbage has a tight lid to prevent flies from crawling inside. Cleaning up pet waste outside the home also insures they don’t start breeding in your own backyard.
  2. The short lifespan of flies means a few days, up to a week, of irritation, but their explosive breeding means if you fail at basic fly prevention, you could find yourself in a cycle of constant flies. 
  3. This is where hiring a professional like Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control becomes valuable. We will evaluate your situation and we will formulate a plan based on your specific pest control needs.
  4. It’s not enough to put the garbage outside; the breeding site (spoiled food or fecal matter) must be disposed of and the area thoroughly washed and sanitized. An increase in the flies around your home could indicate a breeding site nearby. 
  5. Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control helps identify problem areas and we will use our vast expertise to quickly find and treat the problem. We can also help ‘pest-proof’ your home against future invasions. Open from 7am-7pm, our hours work for your schedule, so let us work for you.

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With Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Services, rest assured that your fly pest control needs will be taken care of, so give us a call. We pride to have better skills in identifying where these pests are likely to brood or hide. Rest assured that our pest control system is at par with Northwest Indiana pest control standards. Call our Indiana hotlines to get the most reliable and convenient fly pest control service in Northwest Indiana!


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