Raccoons, with their distinctive black mask and ringed tails, visually display their mischievous behavior. The common adult weight range is between 10lbs to 40lbs. In the wild, their life span can be up to 12 years but typically in urban areas it’s between 5-6 years. Raccoons are omnivores, meaning they feed on almost everything you may have at your home. If they enter your property, it could be for bird seed or a pet’s food if left outside. They are nocturnal creatures, although they can be seen during the day.

They thrive in the city and often can be found in urban areas. Raccoons have paws of dexterity. They are excellent climbers, allowing them to climb over a fence and open gates with ease. They like to nest in high places. In the wild, that normally would be in the trees, while in the city, raccoons invade homes by sheltering in the attic. We offer excellent raccoon removal services, including a full inspection to evaluate the problems. Once we have determined the extent of the problem, we will formulate a plan to remove the raccoons and to repair the damage caused by raccoons.

Raccoons are often carriers of rabies and are known to carry canine distemper, putting a danger to the property of dog owners. Other places raccoons can be found are under a deck or porch, shed, and near garbage cans. Regardless of the situation, having raccoons in your property will lead to theft, vandalism and attacks on pets for dominance.

Ultimately, getting a professional like us to remove raccoons is the best route to take. Choosing Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control means you are kept safe from raccoons and the diseases that they carry. If you’re dealing with raccoons, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.