Rats and mice are rodents and despite their normally cuddly onscreen presence, they are not normally welcome inside your home. The differences between rats and mice range from physical characteristics to the signs they leave behind. The primary physical difference is their tails. Rats have a bald tail while mice have a furry tail. Rats have small ears relative to their body size while mice ears appear larger due to their smaller bodies. You are more likely to encounter droppings than an actual rodent, but thankfully the signs are different there as well. Rat droppings are blunt and similar in shape to a toilet paper roll. Mice droppings taper on both ends, like a torpedo. Both gnaw on materials, although the activity of the rat will be on a larger scale. We know how frustrating these critters can be, but we are the experts in rodent removal. Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control is your solution to have a rodent free home.

Rodent Control

Rodent control ranges from simple mouse and rat traps, to elaborate and expensive sonic speakers, essential oils, and foam fillers. Although these methods are eye catching at the store, there are studies that show these methods are poor deterrents to a determined rodent. Sonic noises can be ignored, depending on where in the house they are placed, as can essential oils, which must be changed every 2-3 days to maintain freshness. Foam fillers are an effective exclusion tool, but knowing exactly where and how much to use can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Mouse and rat traps need to be checked daily to keep your home free of offending odors. Rat traps are too large to be effective on mice and mice traps can cripple rats at best, leaving them to die somewhere within your home in an often hard-to-reach location.

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control is open from 7am-7pm so you can call whenever is convenient. We specialize in repairing damage left by marauding rodents. We will also check the home before we seal it so nothing is left inside to rot. Sealing the home is our first step in future rodent prevention while our experienced agents can work with your insurance company so the cost isn’t out of pocket. Give us a call today!