The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbing At Your House

Although most species are harmless, there are plenty of spiders that are dangerous to humans, such as the black widow or brown recluse. Most people do not consider other species of spiders to be a pest, which is good because their varied diet and adaptability makes it difficult to prevent an occasional spider from entering your home. They live off of insects and generally build webs in corners of the house you don’t disturb, such as the ceiling in your bedroom or bathroom, or behind a desk. Thus, our best defense against bites and infestation is a reliable spider pest control service.

The Notorious Black Widow

Black widows are a shiny black with red markings in the shape of an hourglass on the underbelly. Their web is sporadic, tangled, and usually found outside of the home in shrubs, bushes, or even in rocks along the foundation.

Black Widow Pest Control

Black Widow

The Shy Brown Recluse

Brown recluses are yellow or dark brown with a violin-shaped mark on the back. Their web is off-white to grey, small, and found inside storage units/containers. It’s important to wear gloves when handling materials that have been in storage for a period of time, or even a seldom-used corner of the house.

Brown Recluse Pest Control

Brown Recluse

The Aggressive Hobo

Hobo spiders are light brown with a dark striped band down the center. They build funnel-shaped webs with both ends open and against a wall where they can hide. While they tend to stay outside, from June-October, males will search for females and often wander inside buildings.

Hobo Spider Pest Control

Hobo Spider

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Will Wash The Spider Out

These poisonous spiders are dangerous to humans and medical attention should be sought after a suspected bite has occurred. If you suspect that you have spiders of any kind infesting your home, the best bet is to call a professional. At Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control, we specialize in keeping your home spider free, ensuring that your family is safe from harmful bites.

Don’t Let The Spider Climb Up Your House Again

The occasional spider cannot be prevented, but you can make your home harder to get into by sealing cracks around the foundation, repairing window screens, and inspecting doors for spaces where a spider could crawl through. You should also inspect piles of debris in your yard, such as firewood or old toys, for spiderwebs.

The most common pest control method is treating baseboards and cracks and crevices. As spiders crawl over the product, they will slowly start to die. Give us a call today for a quote!

A Reputation Built On Satisfied Customers

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Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Is Everything You Need

With Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control Services, rest assured that your spider pest control needs will be taken care of, so give us a call. We pride to have better skills in identifying where these pests are likely to brood or hide. Rest assured that our pest control system is at par with Northwest Indiana pest control standards. Call our Indiana hotlines to get the most reliable and convenient spider pest control service in Northwest Indiana!


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