Squirrels are adorable creatures that are fun to spot in the trees or feed them in the park. You may see them near your home and might not think much about it. They can quickly become a nuisance in unexpected ways, such as looting from a bird feeder, scaring away song birds, leaving holes in your yard, storing nuts in your attic, crawling inside your walls and/or chewing your house for nesting material. Long story short, when it comes to squirrels, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to remove them.

Squirrels can cause enormous damage and their droppings carry diseases as well. The most common species are grey and fox squirrels. Both these species tend to nest inside the walls of a home and eventually move their nests inside. Attempts to shut them out can backfire as they will frantically chew through anything other than heavy metal wire to get to their young. If they die in the walls, it will need to be knocked down in order to gain access to the bodies.

Common methods of squirrel removal are using box and wire-cage traps to capture and remove them in a humane way. Baits such as walnuts, pecans, apple slices, oranges and even peanut butter are particularly alluring. We can even tie the doors on the traps open for a few days to get the squirrels used to eating in the traps. Using this technique, our capture volumes will increase exponentially each time and our traps will last longer. Once we believe they are in the habit of eating the bait, we will untie the door.

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When considering squirrel control, choose the experts that know how to effectively remove squirrels and repair the damage they left behind. Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control specializes in the restoration of your property after the squirrels are taken care of.

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