When it comes to insects, there are few that are more formidable than termites. Termites can cause incredible damage to your home and they can do it without you even noticing they are there, meaning that prevention is important when it comes to these destructive wood destroying organisms.

One good way to reduce the likelihood of termites is to reduce sources for food by removing dry wood such as dead trees, firewood and wood that might have piled up in your lawn. Eliminating any dry wood greatly decreases your chance of having termites. Another thing to look at is water. Excess amount of moisture creates conditions for termites to prosper. Examine around your house’s foundation to check for pooled in water. Pooled water near the foundation can leak into the basement and crawlspace areas. Check for any faulty gutters, leaky pipes and dripping air conditioners. Taking care of these issues limits the chances for termites to nest in your home.

How do you know if you may already have termites? There are signs that can help you find out, but without a professional inspection, you won’t be able to know for sure. Examine your foundation for evidence for termites. They create thin mud tunnel lines called shelter tubes that start from the ground and line the surface of the foundation up to the wooden frame.

Another sign of termites in your home are swarmers. Swarmers are termites with wings with the sole purpose to reproduce and grow the termite colony. Their wings break off when the swarmers pair off to create a new colony. If you find a pile of wings on the ground, that could mean the swarmers are inside your home. If you find any signs of termites, it is best to give us a call so that we can do a thorough inspection of your entire property.

Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control

If you suspect you are having termite problems in your home, call Illiana Wildlife and Pest Control for termite removal. We provide a free inspection and we will formulate a treatment plan that is just right for you and your home. Not only will we eliminate the termites, but we will prevent any further escalation of the termite infestation. We are experts at removing pests and we will do our part to help make your house continue to feel like a home for you and your family.